Bazz E-bikes

We would like to introduce you to a partner of DTK Group; Bazz E-bikes! You probably already know the fast and durable electric bikes from Bazz E-bikes from various delivery restaurants. Getting quickly from A to B on Bazz E-bikes is not just reserved for couriers. The e-bikes are also suitable for staff of (large) healthcare institutions or to offer them as a bicycle plan for your employees. Healthy, efficient and no worries about service, insurance or maintenance, we are happy to tell you more.

Fast, healthy, carefree

Getting your employees quickly and healthily on the road with your products or to deliver your services: Bazz E-bikes relieves you from A to Z. This means that high-quality e-bikes are delivered. With a range of approximately 60 kilometers, you, your employees, customers and other end-users arrive at their destination on time. Maintenance and insurance of the e-bike? We take care of it. Preventive maintenance, repairing broken parts or replacing an e-bike in the event of damage: Bazz E-bikes works according to the PAAS-concept.


The PAAS-concept stands for Product As A Service. Whatever the pace, we all want to get from A to B in a comfortable way. With an e-bike, Bazz E-Bikes provides green transport as a service, not as a product. This means that Bazz E-bikes remains the owner of the e-bikes. As a customer, you don’t have to own to use. Benefits for you as a customer; avoiding high purchase costs, no service costs and no liability. You can look at it as a bicycle plan. For a fixed amount per week, your employees drive around carefree and sustainably. E-bikes with extras, without the extra work! Would you rather buy the e-bikes? No problem! Inquire about the possibilities.

Contact us!

Thanks to the collaboration between Bazz E-bikes and DTK Group, you have access to fully personalized bikes. In every imaginable (corporate) design or with your business logo! Matching bicycle accessories should not be missing. From boxes to baskets, from wetsuits to bike panniers: the cyclist can walk the street in style from head to toe. Are you curious? Do you need more information, a quote or an informal conversation? Mail to info@bazz-ebikes.com and we will contact you.

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