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In order to better reach our customers, De Tassenkoning is busy developing and innovating. For example, a new website, to be able to serve you better in the future. Nevertheless, we are already there for you!

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Our assortment in bags

PP non-woven
tas & PP woven tas

Non-woven is made of non-woven material with screen printing on the surface. It is suited for a simply solid logo, and it is cheaper than other bags
PP (non)-woven is made of non-woven or PP woven material with off printing and lamination. Any design and sizes are workable
Double layer makes the bag stronger and more fashionable
Croco non-woven looks like a leather bag, but it is cheaper

Paper bag

Paper bag, white paper, art paper, kraft paper, luxury paper and so on. We can produce any material, size and design you wish for.

Cotton bag

Any colour, size and thickness of cotton is available. It is comfortable and soft material. You even can put a logo on the bag.

Polyester bag

Polyester bag can be made by different kinds of polyester. The back of bag usually gets coated by PU or PVC. These popular material is available to use for backpack bags, drawstring bags, cooler bag, and foldable bag.


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